Ryan Smith, author of Edison, is a blacksmith and tradesman in Northern Colorado.  He has experience as a cigar salesman and reviewer, and is well-versed in the art of cigar evaluation and drink pairing.  Ryan creates beard oils, balms, and lotions, as well as shaving utensils and goods.  He is educated in the best practices of beard care and is committed to helping other bearded gentlemen grow and maintain luscious, well-groomed facial hair.  Dedicated to the old ways of civility and gentlemanly comport, Ryan has learned the rules of etiquette and formality including dining customs, formal fashion, and social engagement.

This website is dedicated to educating and guiding modern gentlemen in a hazy world of mediocrity and hedonism.  Modernizing classic fashion and rules of etiquette, aiding in grooming care, and providing resources for “manly” traditions, Edison serves as a guiding lamp-post by which gentlemen everywhere are able to set a course for greatness, civility, and refinement.

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