Edwin Jagger Double Edged Safety Razor

Shaving has become a chore for many men.  We have lost the sense of luxury and repose understood by our predecessors, and have replaced rich tradition with tediousness and hurry.  Getting back to wet-shaving with either a straight razor or safety razor can bring back a touch of old-time luxury.  In addition, wet-shaving can bring a lot of customizability and flexibility to your morning shave while minimizing break-outs and razor burn.  Taking an extra minute to lather up your shave soap with a high quality badger-hair brush, maybe even steaming your face with a scented warm towel on a slow day, can add the touch of pampering to your routine that you didn’t know you missed.

I used to get terrible razor burn using Gillette ProGlide disposable cartridges until an apprentice of mine recommended wet shaving.  I wanted to use a straight razor but haven’t had the time or energy to learn good technique, so  I poked around Amazon looking for the perfect safety razor.  I wanted something affordable, classy, and dependable.  After days of searching, I stumbled upon the Edwin Jagger.

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the razor in my hand.  It is heavy enough to shave the skin without added pressure that can cause razor burn and unnecessary nicks, and is well-balanced so your hand doesn’t get tired using it.

I lathered up with my badger hair brush and took it for a test…shave?  The model I ordered cost around $30, and came with a nicely grooved handle that isn’t slippery when covered with shave soap.  I immediately noticed that the blade didn’t burn the sensitive skin on my neck the way that “advanced” disposable cartridges do.  The single blade gave as close a shave as disposable razors, and left my skin smooth without burn.

The best part of wet shaving is that the blades cost less than $30/year, just a fraction of what you may spend on disposable cartridges.

I recommend the Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edged Safety Razor to anyone looking for a solution to razor burn, high cost razors, and the vapid hurry of the daily shave.


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