Cigar Review: Cohiba Edicion Limitada 2015

My father received this as a gift from an employer a few months back and it’s been in my humidor ever since.  We had a Thanksgiving get-together and broke out a few cigars.  Dad, being a new cigar smoker, didn’t particularly enjoy the Cohiba and gave it to me.  In short, I was not impressed.  It was a serviceable cigar, but nothing great and it had several major drawbacks.

To begin, the unlit aroma was sweet and earthy with notes of old barn.  Not the dirty kind of barn, but the warm, comfortable, inviting kind of barn.  My first red flag was that the cigar was incredibly difficult to cut.  It seemed like the tobacco was spongy–almost rubbery, even.  The draw on this cigar was nearly impossible, but I lit up anyway.  The thing burned slow and was very difficult to smoke due to the stiff draw.

The first tercio had strong bread flavor, sprinkled with walnut notes and dried grass.  The flavor was very pleasant and unassuming.

Going into the second tercio the cigar took on a roasted flavor but kept the earthy barnyard and grass notes.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it through the second tercio before the tar build-up became too thick to get any air through.

Overall the Cohiba Edicion Limitada was disappointing.  Despite it’s good flavor, the draw and tar made the smoke impossible to enjoy.


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